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Roksim's News

Posted by Roksim - July 6th, 2022

If you do, you're either close enough to him, or you're a psychic!


Posted by Roksim - July 5th, 2022

Whaaat, I'm 60 fans away?? That's amazing! You know folks, I just post stuff here, have fun, watch cartoons! And then, bam, 940 fans!! That's crazy, thanks all of you!!


Posted by Roksim - June 29th, 2022

Goodness me folks!!!! Just yesterday, I was a simple fella who has finished yet another bawdy animation and went to bed pretty satisfied with themselves... Today, I woke up a king, a lord, a Demigod!!!! Aaaahh, it's all so clear to me now... This power, flowing through my veins, this clarity... So that's the power that we're talking about...

Ahh, so much to do today!! I recommend you folks stay away from the news just this one day - I've got quite a lot of ideas I'm going to implement, and I don't want to make anybody jealous of this unlimited power I'll be throwing around!! Goodness, Newgrounds sure is the best... It'll certainly have a spot in the new world that I'm building... Gosh, is this how Tom Fulp feels every day?.. My gosh... Incredible...

In the meantime, you can check out my stuff, folks!! I'm an artist and an animator! I don't post most of my stuff here since it's bawdy (only occasionally!), but I still post plenty, I love drawing, it's so fun!! I made a game "Elizabeth SLAY!!" too, play it if you want, it's like a platformer with a bunch of drawings and characters!

Gosh, you know, if you have aspirations to be an artist - there will definitely be a point where your drawing skills become like the most fun thing you can use, you can draw anything you want!! Do your best to get there, it's really sweet, even though I myself may not be that skilled - still feels great! Have a nice one, try not to run into me out there throwing around my power like it's no big deal!!!!!



Posted by Roksim - June 15th, 2022

Hey folks!! Horrible news for me - my harddrive just stopped turning on, and I held all my files so dearly!! I don't have a bunch of them backed up, people are telling me there is a way to recover my data, but I can't just sit here without my arts on the Desktop - it's like I was drawing power from them, folks! Could you please help me identify these arts??



These are cutouts from a screenshot of my Desktop I have - one of them is Natalie from Epic Battle Fantasy, and this art is somewhere here on NG! The other is a fanart for Untitled Goose Game, and I don't know where it can be found - perhaps also here? If you know these artworks, please help me get their full size, so I can be comfortable! It's like, I am having little panic attacks with my harddrive being like busted, this would mean a lot to me folks! If I can at least make this current Desktop feel like mine, I'd stop panicking, at least...

Edit: Found them!!!!! The goose is from Zandraart!! Gosh, at least that's something for comfort, folks!..


Posted by Roksim - June 11th, 2022

Wohoo!! Really, happy Pico Day guys!!!!!!


Posted by Roksim - April 22nd, 2022

Hey guys, does anybody know if Raze 2 is coming to Ruffle?? I am so eager to play it! You can find it around, but only the NG has a patched version that doesn't drop you off of the map in Mission 7 or so, it's such a classic!!

Posted by Roksim - March 18th, 2022

Hey folks! I am not too sure if anyone is interested here in that, but I'll just say that I am not going too deep into writing up my making-of post, because of Current Events! It's pretty spooky stuff, and I live in a place affected by it all - I am safe physically, I hope, but crazy stuff keeps on happening, so I don't want to like "tie up" myself by being too dedicated to a single project, if that makes sense! I'll finish the post when I feel more safe here to delve into stuff like that, again, not that I feel too unsafe, but, I hope you know what I mean! Just want to stay springy and Spring-y for now!


Posted by Roksim - February 7th, 2022

Hey folks!! Just wanna say that Newgrounds rocks!! It's like so much fun... Just how people sometimes dedicate their entire lives to playing League of Legends and stuff, I feel like you can get hooked on Newgrounds just like that as well! I'll make that making-of for my game and post it to Frontpage for anyone interested in hopefully-relatable beginner gamemaking!!!!


Posted by Roksim - February 3rd, 2022

Hey folks! Have you played my game? Do you know it exists? Well, you might, since you follow me, but I don't think many people do, because, well, when it got featured on Pixel Day on Frontpage, it got dunked from there in 2 hours by other cool games! Fair, right?

Yaa, it is fair, there were a ton of amazing games, and, I was happily playing them and not worrying about my own game! Yes, I worked on it for a year, yaa there is a lot of drawings, bunch of guys to talk to, but some of those games blew my mind, and my game is just a lil platformer gameplay-wise if you think about it!! And, I still got those 2 hours and got to participate in a cool event, so it's all good, right?

Well, yesterday, I go to Frontpage and see my game featured again!! Omg!! I got so happy, I was like, gosh, maybe it doesn't suck after all, I mean it got a really nice score right now, gosh they decided to let folks know it exists!! And gosh, it's in a second spot, that's cool right?? An hour later, I refresh a page and it's gone!!!!

That was the point where I got pretty upset, I have to say! Why awaken this happiness once more just to snatch it away like that?? Like, this Ballfrog game is of course amazing, like, really amazing, but... There were all those other games that are on Frontpage for over 10 days now!.. Does my game suck so much, it doesn't deserve more than 3 hours of Frontpage?.. I... don't think so!.. I really think people can like it!! I put a lot of effort into it, and I know that alone doesn't make a fun game, and that other people might have worked in teams, so it's like, more people deserve more exposure time... but I really think it's not super-unfun!!..

Honestly, I don't believe anyone would even be so cruel as to re-feature a game just to take it down an hour later after the creator gets all happy!! From all of my experience being here, this can't possibly be right! A lot of new creators get huge exposure just because they made something fantastic, or just fun to play or watch! A lot of them don't, but that's alright, the competition is fierce! But usually, when a game gets featured, it stays there for at least a day, right?..

I just have a lot of faith in my game being silly and fun to those who like silly things, so, I think it has to be a mistake to have my game be Featured twice, and in both cases, get taken down from there within hours/minutes! And things like that happen! But, I would say, if I was smarter and didn't release my game on Pixel Day, it would actually be seen by more people! I wasn't thinking that I'd be better than the other people, not at all - I was just happy that I got to participate in an amazing Newgrounds holiday! But if I was to think about it and release my game, say, a week later - maybe I'd actually get a day of spotlight, at least!


Currently, my game is at ~3500 views, which I believe is the lowest amount of views a frontpaged Pixel Day game has, if you don't count Unitres Lucid Early Prototype, which is, well, it has all it's plays ahead of it, when it gets completed, right? All because of these shenanigans with "technically" being frontpaged but actually not really!

I was absolutely ready to stick it all out and be as humble as I can about it (Edmund McMillen once said that a nice gamemaking rule is "you are not as great as you think you are", and I really wanted to heed that!), but after that punch in the gut yesterday, I sorta felt like making this little vent post here, without "getting it to frontpage" blog or anything, just to you folks who follow me here! If you've read this far - thanks for taking your time! I always am trying to make something, to draw or animate, a lot of it is inappropriate, which I mostly try to keep out of my Newgrounds, but a lot of it does get posted here, and I've hopefully got a cool collab cartoon in the making too! So, I'll keep doing my best, despite this! But, folks, if you haven't checked my game yet - please do, folks! Maybe you'll like all those silly NPC portraits I drew, and it'll be fun for you to jump around and try to look for all tomatoes! Thanks for reading, again!

Whewww!! I so rarely go public about what I feel about the reception I get of my stuff, but for this one, it was just a lil too much to sit on, so I hope you can forgive me for this post!!!!

Edit: oh and of course I don't know yet the results of the Pixel Day competition, but let's be honest guys my game isn't winning anything!! Not when incredible games like Olive's Art-Venture and Shoot Trip Die are out there! I am not fooling myself with that! I just wanted folks to play my game is all, and on Itch.io, that's like impossible if you are not known, you need to rely on your existing following a bunch, so, Newgrounds was my only chance for a bunch of folks to play my game with me not being known for gamemaking, really, and I think I blew it by releasing it on a big holiday!

Edit2: also, I want to say that I don't mean any of that as a jab at how Newgrounds does things at all - I think Newgrounds is like the best when it comes to featuring things, at how Tom Fulp himself is jsut so active at his own site, which is unheard of, and just, I love Newgrounds!! Think of this post as more of a me expressing my feelings about getting super-unlucky with the release of my game on my little page as opposed to some call-to-action type of post!!



Posted by Roksim - January 23rd, 2022

Hey guys!! A game that I've been at for a year now is finally out!! The one I've been posting all that art for! And you can play it right here!! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/830423 Don't read the description, it's written by a very scared fella who doesn't know what he's talking about!! I'll be bugfixing it like crazy too!